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  • Tethered balloon : "The Eyes of the Race" by Planete Balloon
    Planete Balloon is back with a new concept for promote International Circuits ! THE EYES OF THE RACE..... Installed nearby the circuit - our Tethered Balloon is able to welcome - TV Broadcasts - Pilots Interviews - Events for VIP .. but also - all along the year - become a Tourism Attraction for the Public ! One Balloon - several goal
  • Tethered balloon : PLANETE BALLOON & KURDISTAN
    How Planete Balloon participe to promote Worldwide Tourism by Ballooning and Tethered Balloon. The first network of Balloon Pilots prove again his implication to promote - every where - Ballooning - by providing his skills -experiences - and network of Professional Pilots. Here, our Adventure in Kurdistan continue more than one year after
  • Tethered balloon : Become a Dealer....Dealership program by Planete Balloon !
    May be you are already a Member of Planete Balloon Network - or - you have heard about us. You are Professional in Ballooning - Planete Balloon - Tourism Consulting - intervenes at the request of Governments or Investors for install and launch - Hot air balloon & Tethered balloon Worldwide Planete Balloon launches a Dealership program nea
  • Tethered balloon : PLANETE BALLOON launches a new concept of Golf Course
    Discover a new concept for promote Golfs and make the event....FLY OVER THE GREEN Offer to your Guests an Amazing view and to your Sponsors a spectacular tool of communication. Contact Planete Balloon for more information. Best Regards [caption id="attachment_82" align="alignleft" width="150" capti
  • Tethered balloon : AFRIQUE, Terre d'Envol ? Le nouveau concept de Planete Balloon
    L'Afrique, terre des grands espaces dispose d'un potentiel touristique unique promis a un bel avenir. Pouvoir la découvrir vue du ciel était réservé jusqu’à aujourd'hui qu'a une certaine catégorie de touristes aisée. Le survol en avion prive, hélicoptères ou même en montgolfière de ces grands espaces exigeait un portefeuille bien ga
    We talk about Planete Balloon's Actions !
  • Tethered balloon : PLANETE BALLOON, exporte le Made in France !
    PLANETE BALLOON®, Launches a New Concept of Amusement Park in Thailand! Planete Balloon, representing in Asia the worldwide leader of captive balloons, recently achieved its installation of a unique aerostatic balloon and park in Hua Hin for its first client in Thailand. Launched in March 2013, the stationary balloon will let visitors soar 100 m
  • Tethered balloon : AERIAL PARK by PLANETE BALLOON
    Planete Balloon, from France to the 5 Continents ! An exemplary embodiment of project Planete Balloon! design at the opening of the park the project will have require 5 months, a lot of work but the satisfaction of work accomplished for our partner ! PLANETE BALLOON CONSULTANT & WORKER Contact us for your next project ! JC BRASSART